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Free Digital Designer Business Card Template (Ai)

Business Card Template

Business cards might seem to be dying out, but as an individual that wants to stand out and meet so many clients on a daily basis, you would need attractive and a great looking business card. It is a physical reminder to your client about who you are and what you represent. These business cards can feature artwork or anything to catch the attention of the clients and make them interested in the services you offer. This Digital designer Business card template is a great example. The business card template is minimal and neat, multipurpose but designed for marketers and digital designers. There is a section for the holder’s name, profession, logo and the contact info.

Thanks to Graphic Pear for creating and sharing this amazing business card template design. Check out their website for more .

Business Card Template

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Business Cards

Software / Format ai Posted : 23 Jun, 2018 4,563 Views