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Free Detective Vector Icons (AI)

Detective Vector Icons

Sleuth detective Robinson is on the job again, collecting evidence and trying to outwit his dastardly nemesis, the Green Giant. All of the icons contained here represent the many things that come to mind when we think of a detective. These topic images relate to the private eye and detective that we are all familiar with. In them, we can see the relationship of the products to the detective through our own understanding from any story that we have ever read in a book.

Glasses and mustache disguises. The enlarged fingerprint, and the trusty dog partner, are all commonly associated images that might come to mind. Some of the more obvious images within this set of icons would be the man in the trench coat, the magnifying glass, and the gun.

Our understanding of the sleuth detective from our knowledge picked up from watching TV detective shows helps us to realize how even the simple coffee cup image comes into the scene and relates to our top detective. Use these icons in your design projects and present your case for your latest intriguing detective theme.

Detective Vector Icons 2

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