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Free Data Map Visualization UI Template (FIG)

Data Map Visualization UI Template

Numbers can be updated every single day, and a simple change can entirely alter the stakes, which is why companies and businesses put a lot of effort into collecting data, and presenting it in a graspable manner.

This is the Orion UI kit template, a data map visualization design created and shared by Alien Pixels. Endless possibilities will be available with easy to use and edit tools which include 500+ components based on auto-layout and 200+ DataViz widgets that’ll look dashing on both desktop and mobile screens, all organized as a design system for Figma. The Orion resource also features a Figma library with 40+ full-width charts templates available in 2 themes for a varied presentation: light and dark. So share your data in the best of ways and let your users stay up to date with dashing visualized designs!

Free Download free download Category Elements Software / Format fg Posted : 24 Jun, 2020 1,808 Views