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Free COVID-19 Icons (FIG)

COVID-19 Icons

We’re all doing our best to deal with the on-going spread of Covid-19. And we realize that its elimination will take a worldwide effort, so even the easiest of actions such as wearing masks in public places and spreading posters and flyers related to the issue count. And if you’re ready for your role, we’re ready to share your needed tools created by Olesya Kharinskaya.

Icons make every message easier to comprehend and to deliver including these Covid-19 icons. The set features an icon of the virus itself with cautionary designs that remind us not to touch our face or come in close contact with others, and to always wash our hands and wear masks when necessary. And as these fresh icons are eye-catching in their simplicity, you can choose to keep the original designs or showcase more colors by customizing each one or by inserting them against colorful backgrounds.

COVID-19 Icons 2

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