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Free Chocolate Pattern Illustration (AI)

Chocolate Pattern Illustration

Your artwork from business presentations to art projects is your own, even if you use other people’s designs as tools and combine them to create something entirely new. And with the permissions of these artists and the correct usage of the license, you can make wonders, and when those wonders require fun and colorful backgrounds, you can use this freebie from Dariana Castellano.

With the combination of changeable light pink color and mouth-watering chocolate pattern illustrations, Castellano shares a line art background with limitless usage. Colors and chocolate never feel out of place, nor does this bright artwork. Simply drag and drop the design, using it as it is to decorate sticky notes, sheets, desktop wallpaper, as well as t-shirts and other apparel items, adding it to detailed designs for pockets or cuffs, or use it as a background with other elements like large texts and bold designs for online posts, flyers, or notebook covers and pages for more amusing writings.

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