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Free Checkout Process Illustration (AI)

Checkout Process Illustration

Bills going in and receipts coming out. It is a life event that we all know only too well. With money moving through our hands faster than we can count it, everyone is able to relate to the sound of the cash register spitting out our latest receipt. Getting through the day costs everyone something, from putting petrol in our cars to paying bills.

This descriptive vector illustration of a woman with her hand on her hip as the $100 dollar bill goes in one end of the machine while a receipt is busy churning out the other end, describes the unfortunate reality of the bills and fees that we must all suffer.

Her strong posture shows her feelings of being resigned to the fact that this is an unavoidable story and that putting the money into the machine is not something that she has a choice about. It also shows her in everyday clothing, once again presenting the notion of an everyday situation. The size of the machine in relation to the person clearly portrays the proportion at which money and bills play a part in our world.

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