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Free Chat and Messenger Icons (SVG, PNG)

Chat and Messenger Icons

We all have something to say, a message to deliver, and a voice to be heard. Centuries ago, with the lack of technological advancements, these might’ve taken days if not months to reach the receiving end. But today, they’re one click away, something that we might be taking for granted. And because we always strive for more, we’d like to share with you this chat and messenger icons set designed by Alex Martynov.

These pixel-perfect icons are all designed with rounded corners for a friendly and eye-pleasing project. Messaging apps offer multiple features that include sending images, starring messages, recording, etc. and in order for you to pleasantly present these different features, you can use the wide selection of 64 original icons. You can easily resize the icons, and with the outline and live stroke included, you’ll be able to customize them to your style and add them to messaging apps and other platforms with customer support or chat options.

Chat and Messenger Icons 2

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