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Free CD Mockup Set (PSD)

CD Mockup Set

You don’t need to travel around to experience the impact of music, to realize how much it means to you and to those around you. So whether you enjoy pop, rock, or soul music, or you simply stumbled upon our resource, why not take the chance to share your musical interests with this free CD mockup set? The resource created by Myopic is remarkable as it enables you to share every aspect of your next album design.

The 5 mockups included are all presented from a top point of view, allowing users to display their designs for the front and the back of the CD case, the CD itself, the inner designs, the mini-book, and the mini-poster. These PSD tools are not only easily obtainable but also easily editable with wrinkly and realistic designs that can be personalized via Adobe Photoshop.

CD Mockup Set 1

CD Mockup Set 2

CD Mockup Set 3

CD Mockup Set 4

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