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Free Canned Food Mockups (PSD)

Canned Food Mockup

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the little things in life that are actually big like hand-written love letters, canned food, Netflix, online delivery, and the internet. And speaking of canned food, it really is one of the most life-changing things especially for those who are too busy or just lazy to cook.

Today’s freebie is a canned food PSD mockup created by Vectogravic . It will allow you to present your design in a professional and realistic way. It’s perfect for branding projects, packaging design (all sorts of food product such as sardines, tuna, cat/dog food, chickpeas…), product advertising, logo design, and web presentations. The mockup includes 2 cans, each in a different angle: one top view and the other from the front; the embossed text on the cap is customizable; all you have to do is add your design via smart layers, save, and you’re done!

Canned Food Mockup

Free Download free download Category Cans Software / Format ps Posted : 3 Nov, 2018 5,346 Views