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Free Candy Bar Mockup (PSD)

Candy Bar Mockup

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, candy is still a delicious snack both for adults who enjoy it after dinner and children who enjoy it before it. And with so many flavors and ingredients added, candy bar packaging should be as varied and as breathtaking.

The mockup we share today is presented by Mockups Design, a high-resolution candy bar mockup with 4 shots for your packaging projects. The presentation can focus either on 1 bar or on 2, and since we all know that one candy bar is not enough, you can use the different scenes for a mouth-watering duo. Mix light and dark colors for candies with milk and dark chocolate or let the ingredients and toppings of the product be easily identified with your packaging. First impressions count with candy, and to make sure everything in the mockup is up to your standards, it comes with easy editing options so you can add your graphics and set the color of the background.

Candy Bar Mockup 2

Candy Bar Mockup 3

Candy Bar Mockup 4

File Adobe Photoshop
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