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Free Business Conference Rollup Template (PSD)

Business Conference Rollup Template

Conferences and conventions, whether you’re a participant or an organizer, allow you to share your knowledge and interests, not to mention to stay up-to-date with any developments or changes. So for another well-organized event, this is the business conference rollup banner design created and shared for free by PSD Zone. The 30 x 70 inches design (300 dpi) which can be used for business conferences, large events, and workshops displays not only the businesses and organizers but also the main speakers and a brief presentation of the schedule and activities.

Designed in PSD format (CMYK), it can be edited via Adobe Photoshop with structured layers that enable you to change the colors of the template, insert your images, and edit the texts. Customize the design and use it for your printed conference banners, or feature it in mockups and add it to websites and online ads. Thanks to its design, the print-ready template can also be used for medical and academic conferences.

Business Conference Rollup Template 2

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