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Free Burnout Icons (AI)

Burnout Icon

A raging fire is a sight to fear, but just as much as fire is a dangerous element, it is also an important part of our day-to-day environment. Fire provides the warmth that we require for homes and the raw energy that we need for our industrial purposes.

This burnout icon set covers a  range of situations related to fire.

Images like the clock on fire bring to mind our rushing lives and how we are always running out of time. The danger symbol with the battery and hazard warnings remind us how uncontrolled flames can be extremely dangerous.

But fire is not just about flames and burning out of control. As much as fire can be intense it can also be the source of calmness, just as it is in the use of meditation. Use these graphics for a variety of purposes and set your thoughts alight with your own imaginative use of these icons.

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