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Free Booklet Notebook Mockup (PSD)

Booklet Notebook Mockup

How many times has it happened to you, that as you’re having your freshly-brewed first cup of coffee in the morning and a creative idea pops up in your head out of nowhere? Out of habit, most of us usually brush it aside and go to work, deciding that we will think about it later when we have some space and time to do so. Most of these ideas, however, are lost as we get caught up in completing our duties for the day and never really get the attention that they so rightly deserve. Which is why we should have a notebook or many – to help us note down every great idea, plan, notes from a call or a meeting, as well as mere thoughts that deserve more attention, so that we can come back to them later and do the needful.

Now, having just any notebook doesn’t quite cut the deal if you want to succeed in your creative pursuits. A good notebook is a place for your inspiration, life-changing ideas or everyday working notes – and they should be designed the right way to serve the purpose and go beyond the obvious. Not only can a custom-designed notebook help generate better ideas, but it also has the potential to drive your business, increase your personal productivity and form organizational habits, apart from serving as a marketing tool in addition.

With a lot of businesses now designing custom notebooks to sell commercially and almost every business having their own branded notebooks for their employees and clients to use, it has never been a better time to design notebooks that stand out and really bring out the creativity in the users. And what better way to bring your design ideas to life than with a great mockup, such as this PSD mockup by Pixeden?

The mockup features 3 cotton textured books in the scene including a pocket-size notebook, a booklet and a hard-bound notebook- so as to create a complete visual representation of a comprehensive notebook collection that covers all your users’ needs. You can simply insert your designs into the different notebooks using the smart object layers in Photoshop. The mockup makes for an elegant display of all your designs and makes for a great branding resource to be plastered across your website as well as social media for promotion of your product. There’s no way you’d want to miss out on a resource that does so much for your designs, would you ?

Booklet Notebook Mockup 2

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