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Free Bitcoin Vector Icons (AI)

Bitcoin Vector Icons

Considered by some as a novelty form of currency, Bitcoin has taken a major place in the International currency scene and provides a form of trade currency between many organizations even though it is a digital product.  It was initially designed for online mining and was used as a digital means for trade. On the whole, Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency making it volatile and disregarded as a true currency in the traditional sense.

As a digital product, Bitcoin transactions occur through online mechanisms and require a peer-to-peer transactional process. Specific online coding and processes need to occur for these transactions to take place. This method of currency can bypass the traditional need for banks and financial institutions but for that same reason, also leaves the door open for illegal transactions. On the whole, this monetary process is used by people who work and create point-to-point interactions within the digital transactional world.

The icons presented here are intended to display the wide presence of Bitcoin currency for global business interaction or as a form of savings. They also refer to the digital world with the use of images like the cloud icon and other electronic resources. These images are available for download and for use in your own choice of project or presentation.

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