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Free Beige Wooden Board Texture (JPG)

Beige Wooden Board Texture

Texture is a powerful technique for creating compelling and lifelike design projects. While textures are reduced to only a visual thing in graphic design, they are still solely responsible for creating a physical illusion, and thus continue to play a leading role in the creation of many visual elements, especially the background. While different kinds of textures have been incorporated in designs, natural elements remain a favorite among designers for their ability to infuse any design with life – bringing vividness, warmth and beauty to the result. One such natural element is the warm, distinctive and much loved texture of wood, which finds its use in many digital designs in different forms.

The resource we have for you today is one that will serve as a great background for your next design project. This beige wooden board by PhotoMIX Ltd brings the timeless, vintage wooden texture in cool colors with its masterful lighting technique, making it a great background that will silently bring life to your designs without creating much of a visual disturbance. Available in JPG format to download, the file comes in 3918 x 2939 px resolution, which can easily be accommodated in any of your designs. The easy-going, vintage vibe that the wooden texture brings to the table will work brilliantly for you, if you were to choose it to serve as the background of your website or app, posters, invites, greeting cards as well as other digital or print designs.

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