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We may be pretty, handsome, and lovely, but nothing in real life compares to the cuteness of avatars and their resemblance to us. And not only are they aesthetically appealing to people of all age groups, but they can be crucial in making a design popular.

So today we’re sharing this set of avatars created by Jun Chou that can be edited using Adobe Illustrator or Sketch App. It consists of 7 avatars with various features, they differ in age (young, old), sex (female, male), skin tone (light, dark), hair (hairstyles and colors: blond, black, red, white), clothes, noses and accessories (earrings, hats, mustaches), but they all share that contagious smile we all enjoy. And since the avatars provide such a unique look, they can be used for projects related to children’s games or even apps that require personal profiles or characters.

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