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Free Artificial Intelligence Remote App Interface Design (XD)

Artificial Intelligence Remote App Interface Design 1

Artificial Intelligence gave us an almost unimaginable way of living, a new way with easier access that can present us with all the services and information needed with the click of a button or a vocal demand. And as we join the advancements presented to us, we can create for them a design that matches the incredible things they offer with the artificial intelligence remote app interface design.

The download created by Atheef Ilyas for Adobe XD features multiple screens. With a dashing white and blue combination, it presents a focused display that enables users to see their daily plans and their connected remote devices within the personalized presentation. In addition to recognizing faces, the technology used can see who’s using the product and determine key demographic features such as gender and age and feelings based on facial expressions, always allowing for a safe and comfortable user experience.

Artificial Intelligence Remote App Interface Design 2

Free Download free download Category Apps Software / Format xd Posted : 12 Aug, 2020 1,850 Views