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Free Apple TV Mockup (PSD)

Apple TV Mockup

TVs are one of the few inventions highly consumed all over the world for personal and professional purposes. It’s true because an estimated 90% of the world watches TV. Why won’t we – they keep us connected, informed, and entertained. When it comes to electronics/gadgets, Apple is one of the forerunners. This simply means that it’s only a matter of time before they get their own awesome and stylish TV out there – and they did!!! The Apple TV, with the plastic box providing majority of the content and control didn’t disappoint based on their design philosophy. We bring you this free and useful Apple TV mockup created and shared by Faysal Khan for your personal and commercial projects.

The mockup features a modern and nice living room scene with the Apple TV and box slightly visible on a sideboard. To even make it more realistic, you get an additional scene with the family sitting together enjoying a nice show. You can choose to change and edit a lot of details of the mockup based on your preference. Throw some light in, place your movie ads on the screen, and edit as you like on your Adobe Photoshop software. Enjoy.

Apple TV Mockup 2

Apple TV Mockup 3

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