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Free Apple Airpods 2 Mockup (PSD)

Apple Airpods 2 Mockup

To Android users who are unfamiliar with air pods, air pods are a type of wireless earphones that connect to electronic devices using Bluetooth (whether paired manually or not), and because they’re being used more and more, personalizing your own becomes crucial, and what better way to do so than by using this Apple air pods case mockup designed by Михаил Матвейчук.

Viewers can easily identify the device used here, and what’s left is showcasing your own creations. The color of the air pods themselves is white so they will have no effect on the designs that you insert. Go for a simple color that reflects a shy yet curious attitude or share with others your interests and include pictures and logos related to your favorite movies and TV series, album art, brands, etc. Bring back the legacy of the Beatles or Bob Marley, and see your graphics instantly come to life as they fit right in with the highlights and shadows of the case.

Apple Airpods 2 Mockup with Logo

Apple Airpods 2 Mockup with Picture

File Adobe Photoshop
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