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Free Advertising Display Signs and Flag Mockups (PSD)

Flag Mockup

You know that movie “I love you, man” where the character of Jason Segel borrows money from that of Paul Rudd so he can buy him really weird ads on billboards to help him in his career? Well, that worked! Today we’re not asking you to go as far as posing as James Bond and adding witty quotes to your pictures (although that would look pretty awesome), but we would love to introduce you to this new free template provided by Vectogravic.

This is the sign and billboards mockup. The file consists of 6 various types of advertising signs that include flags, bus stop signs from different perspectives, billboards, and banners, all presented in medium resolution. They work perfectly for any kind of business, school or charity. Download this template to add it to your collection as soon as possible and showcase your designs effectively.

Billboard Mockup

Vertical Flag Mockup

Vinyl Banner Mockup

Vinyl Banner Mockup

File Adobe Photoshop
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