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Free Abstract Shapes and Scenes (AI)

Abstract Shapes

The incredible thing about art, which makes it almost sublime, is that it doesn’t need to make sense to be appreciated. A piece doesn’t have to tell a story to be shared and a painting doesn’t have to be intricate to be hung on walls. All they have to offer is change, be it big or small, in someone’s perspective. So for a quick change that can be easily customized to your liking, we share the abstract shapes and scenes selection from Pixel Buddha.

The tender touch of nature won’t leave your projects as you add these varied designs to your tote bags, apparel items, furniture, cards, notebooks, stamps, wallpaper, etc. One of these scenes can elegantly decorate your wall, so picture a framed collection of 3 set side by side added to living rooms and offices. While this free download features 12 abstract ready-made scenes compatible with Illustrator CC and Photoshop, the premium version includes different graphics, patterns, scenes, and templates.

Abstract Shapes 1

Abstract Shapes 2

Abstract Shapes 3

Abstract Shapes 4

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