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Free A5 Bifold Brochure Mockup

A5 Bi Fold Mockup

In our world today, people are usually in a hurry and want things to be as convenient as they want it, and they will eventually ignore those that they think will waste their time. As for brochures, most people will accept a copy given to them, and if the contents on the brochure isn’t enough to attract their attention, then it would definitely end up in the trash bin. This also applies to your brochure design presentation. This A5 bi-fold brochure mock-up template allows you to showcase your design with class. Prepare your file at 580 x 950px and the smart object action does all the work for you displaying your leaflet perfectly and also allows you to make edits.

Thanks to Toasin Studios for the beautiful mock-ups. Check out their websites for more designs.

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Software / Format ps Posted : 11 May, 2018 5,796 Views