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Free 5 Hardcover Books Mockup (PSD)

Hardcover Book Mockup

The popular idiom is “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but despite how true it might be in an idealistic sense, the reality of the book industry is that the vast majority of readers do indeed use the cover of a book as a deciding factor in not only whether or not they should buy the book, but if they will enjoy it as well.

This is where professional designers come into the picture. If you’re a designer who is looking to present his/her book cover designs in an attractive and eye-catching manner, look no further!

Brought to you by Amazing Mockups, our today’s featured resource is a set of PSD mockups featuring a hardcover book laid against a clean, white surface. To add a fair pop of colour, a small indoor plant has been placed in the background. You can simply insert your book cover designs into the mockup using smart objects, and the mockups will allow you to showcase your design from all the required angles and perspectives. This amazing resource comes absolutely free of cost, and there is no reason why any of you print designers out there should be missing out on it!

Hardcover Book Mockup 1

Hardcover Book Mockup 2

Hardcover Book Mockup 3

Hardcover Book Mockup 4

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