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Free 404 Error Page Donut Template (Ai)

404 Error Page Donut Template

To quote the great John Bender, “Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.” And although the infamous criminal was being quite literal, the world does sometimes surprise us with misfortune. And when it comes to the internet, this is known as error pages.

Lavinia Lorena decided to make the best of a bad situation with this free 404 error page. It delivers the sad “something’s missing” message but with a cute twist, a donut! The illustrations mix a happy smile with bright colors for an optimistic attitude that all of your viewers will enjoy. Leave it as it is and go straight to the point or add additional information and details related to your own project. Any website can face these issues so you can easily download the Ai template file and make it part of your new website design.

You can find and download the free font “Sensation” used in this template here.

404 Error Page Donut Template 2

File Adobe Illustrator
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