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Free 100×200 CM Rollup Mockup (PSD)

100×200 CM Rollup Mockup

When you really think about it, the term “graphic designer” is a little bit vague, and although it does provide more information than “designer”, there are still missing pieces to the puzzle. But regardless of the specifications of your job, you will always find helpful resources to use in your projects like this mockup.

The freebie showcases a 100 x 200 cm roll-up from 2 shots, a front shot, and a side shot that enable you to notice any slight differences in your professional presentations. The large sign can gracefully carry advertisements or branding projects, posters, images, maps, movie releases, signs, sales announcements, and many others, all of which can be easily added to the mockup via Adobe Photoshop. And if you find the size of the roll-up unsuitable for your project, check out the rest of the mockups that offer the same sign in different dimensions here on Unblast.

100×200 CM Rollup Mockup 2

100×200 CM Rollup Mockup Perspective

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