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FoxLearn E-Learning App Template (FiIG)

FoxLearn E-Learning App Template

There’s never been a better time to get involved with e-learning projects and FoxLearn template by Neelesh Chaudhary for Nickelfox is a beautifully illustrated concept for anyone looking to design online learning apps. This design is aimed at kids and is an ideal resource for anyone working on projects aimed at education and schools. The main fox illustration is cute, friendly and clever, making it a perfect graphic for the welcome page. The layouts are simple, but use bold and colorful graphics, set against more subtle background shades. It uses the modern sans font Gilroy, deployed in different weights to mark hierarchy. Overall, this design makes the pages easy to read and really engaging for children who want to read and learn interactively.

This is a free download available as a fig file, so you can experiment and adapt the different elements in Figma.

FoxLearn E-Learning App Template 2

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