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Folded Paper Fold Textures (AI, PNG)

Paper Fold Texture 1

Vlad Cristea gives a whole new definition to dedication with this next freebie. He created these wonderful folded paper textures by folding and unfolding pieces of paper, scanning them and preparing them in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, so with a few steps, you can bring your projects to reality and share them with others.

The paper size is A4 (300 dpi) which is a fitting size for any kind of project you’re working on, and the availability of the textures for two programs offers you the opportunity of choosing the one you’re more comfortable using, which allows you to deliver the best possible results for your viewers. The Photoshop version includes folded lines as well as shadows, and it comes in AI and PNG formats. However, the Illustrator version that comes in PNG format is simpler and includes one color that can be customized.

Paper Fold Texture 2

Paper Fold Texture 3

Paper Fold Texture 5Paper Fold Texture 4

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