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Feedback Vector Illustration (AI)

Feedback Vector Illustration

By now, marketers and product owners in every space understand the importance of listening to their customers. Being available to gather and respond to customer feedback is becoming more the norm for most companies, and for very good reasons.

Partnering with a customer feedback platform helps businesses and platforms listen and respond to customers, allowing for a more targeted, strategic, and money-efficient approach to gathering and acting on feedback. If you own one such customer feedback platform or want to promote customer feedback as one of the various things your company cares about, have a look at our feedback illustration!

The vector illustration showcases various components of a customer feedback, such as the scale and the written review. While most users rate the product or service on the scale provided in terms of a number, stars or thumbs-up/down, a handful also write about the exceptional experiences that they might have had with it. The illustration puts this across is a beautiful, creative manner – making use of bright colors such as red, yellow and green. Download it today for free and use it in your digital platforms, blog posts, promotional designs and much more!

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