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Face Recognition Illustration (AI)

Face Recognition Illustration

In many cases, if not in every case, people have an incredible amount of personal information on their phone. In general this makes life more convenient for us because everything we need is highly accessible in an instant. We can look up our bank details and even transfer money while waiting in a shopping queue. If we wanted, we could read a document from our business files while sitting in a waiting room. Although we love this convenient way of life, it also opens up the danger of the lack of security if someone were to get hold of our phone.

With such advanced technology available now, face recognition gives us a way to keep the information that we have on our phone safe. It is now possible to use our face to open our phones via face recognition. It can be very useful while still allowing us the convenience that we are accustomed to while at the same time, not allowing any unauthorized person to be able to access the information in our phones plus we don’t need to remember a PIN number. So if you happen to lose your phone and somebody else finds it, they cannot access the information inside.

This face recognition illustration is available to download. Use it for any projects or articles relating to current technology or articles relating to face recognition.

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