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Equestrian Vector Icons Part 1 (AI)

Equestrian Vector Icons Part 1

Horse riding is a popular sport for people who love the outdoors. Being able to enjoy the countryside on horseback adds a pleasant experience to being outdoors in untamed forests, or up in the mountains. Being able to ride well means good posture on the horse which is something that helps both the horse and the rider to feel more comfortable.

As a bystander, horse riding can look effortless but it actually is quite a physical sport and requires a good level of fitness, especially if you are planning on riding in events. One of the enjoyable things about horse riding is that the equipment can feel so beautiful. Although it is an expensive hobby, having the chance to trot around and have control over such a large animal is a pleasurable experience and one that not everyone has access to.

Download the icon set here depicting the equestrian life displayed here with simple illustrations of the jacket, the horseshoe and regular riding gear that is identified with this sport.

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