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Envelope Logo Mockup (PSD)

Elegant Envelope Mockup

In times of war and with the absence of technology, the only way of communication was letters that took weeks, if not months, to arrive. But today, sent letters have a more elegant purpose and are only used for celebratory events. So with a new perspective in mind, we happily share the elegant envelope mockup brought to you by Alien Valley.

Display your graphics on both sides, adding branding designs and minimalist artwork to the red envelope and editing the seal of the white one. You can even personalize the background by changing its color or inserting a texture. What’s the happy occasion? A wedding or a dinner party? Well both can have their deserved attention and elegant presentation with these envelopes, in addition to high-quality branding designs that can be shared in personal and commercial projects.

Elegant Envelope Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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