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Enigma Display Font

Enigma Display Font

An enigma is a peculiar thing or being, a mysterious existence that should only be met with wonder, and an enigmatic presentation is exactly what you’ll get with today’s new freebie. Enigma is a display font created and shared by Ridho Ibrahim.

Each character introduces a maze of patterns, reflecting a fun and engaging design with every letter. It comes with a selection of uppercase and lowercase characters, accompanied by dotted designs for numbers which makes them suitable for projects for children and young adults or for graphics that require a joyful design. The different sections of the letters even enable you to display more colors, and therefore, more varied color schemes for your logos, brochures, posters, apparel items, etc. Enigma can also be used for educational flashcards and greeting cards, typography artwork, and websites for entertainment businesses.

Enigma Display Font Letters

Enigma Display Font Numbers

Enigma Display Font Design

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