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Eirene Sans Font Family

Eirene Sans Font

Humanist typefaces emulate calligraphy with their raw, organic feel and minimalist contrasting strokes. These typefaces work well as both titles as well as long pieces comprising of small text size – so don’t be surprised if you find them being extensively used in government, education, or finance-related documents!

However, the humane touch of these typefaces can be exploited to make a typical branding or print design exercise fruitful, and Eirene Sans Type Family would make you see how!

A sans serif type family which derives inspiration from many humanist typefaces from yesteryears, Eirene Sans stands out for its grotesque characteristics. Simple, modern and functional, its sophisticated personality is accentuated by the uppercase glyphs. Available in 5 different weights and matching italics, the font family is defined by its more condensed than normal width and the not-so-subtle difference between thin and thick stems. It also comes with unique terminals, which attribute a specific humanistic personality to the family.

Thanks to Tomás Castiglion, you can now use this font family freely in your personal projects and make the best use of it in whatever way you deem fit!

Eirene Sans Font 1

Eirene Sans Font 2

Eirene Sans Font 3

Eirene Sans Font 4

Eirene Sans Font 5

Eirene Sans Font 6

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Eirene Sans Font 9

Eirene Sans Font 10

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