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Dummy Text for Designers

Dummy text for designers to be used when they create draft designs for their clients or when creating templates, mockups and other design resources :


Are you busy later? I need corrections made on the design project. Can we try some other colors? Moreover, there are more projects lined up charge extra the next time. Anyway, you are the designer; you know what to do. I’m not really sure, try something else. I was wondering if my cat could be placed over the logo in the flyer that’s great, but can you make it work for 2, please? I want you to take it to the next level. You are lucky to even be doing this for us this is just a 5 minutes job. We are a big name to have in your portfolio. I like it, but can the snow look a little warmer? You are lucky to even be doing this for us, yet start on it today, and we will talk about what I want next time. I really think this could go viral; I think we need to start from scratch. The flier should feel like a warm handshake. I know you’ve made thirty iterations but can we go back to the first one that was the best version so can you help me out? Could you do an actual logo instead of a font? Can you pimp this powerpoint? We need more geometry patterns, and we don’t need a contract. Could you rotate the picture to show the other side of the room? Make it pop, jazz it up a little. This concept is bang on, but can we look at a better execution? We need more images of groups of people having non-specific types of fun, so I think we need to start from scratch and there is too much white space. Ok, that’s it, let me tell you all this again so you can understand it better.