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Fonts are a double-edged sword: they carry the possibility to literally write out texts, as well as to express the meaning behind the texts through the font’s style. Regardless of what you do for a living, using fonts to your advantage can elevate the delivery of the message you’re communicating. And with beautiful fonts such as the one we have for you today, you can also add a very personal touch to it – as if you’ve written each letter of every word with your own hands!

The strength of hand-lettered fonts lies in relaying the underlying meaning of written text through a visually heightened approach, and Display makes the most out of this one advantage that comes naturally out of it being a typeface that mimics hand lettering. A signature SVG font designed by Emtheen Std., Display offers texture and impeccable detailing for each letter. Originally hand-made using a brush so as to ensure that the font looks as authentic as possible, the typeface comes in 3 different styles, namely SVG, Solid and Clean.

If you’re looking to rebrand your business, or create stylish print designs, or work on some impressive graphic designs, this multilingual font is your best bet at making your designs understated masterpieces in their own right!

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