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Dancing Clown Illustration (AI)

Dancing Clown Illustration

Like times of the past with the king’s jesters, this dancing clown creates entertainment for those interested in seeing his joyful antics. We are all familiar with clowns and the fun they provide for us as they dance and climb and fall.

Almost everybody can identify clowns with laughter and fun at the circus. With the curtains shown at the back of this scene, you might imagine that this dancing clown is performing in a circus or on a stage. Funny music and colorful clothing help to create their extreme visual effect in their shows. This dancing clown juggling bowls on poles is having as much fun entertaining his audience, as his audience would have in watching him present his act.

If you are presenting a poster or brochure that is promoting some type of entertainment, this illustration would be perfect to bring attention to your show.  Download this vector graphic and let the clown help you to entertain your readers.

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