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Customer Review Icons (AI, PNG, SVG)

Customer Review Icons

Even though you may have had happy customers pass through your doors, at times it can be very hard to encourage them to take the action in providing feedback and reviews. Most of the time the only reason for this is simply that it didn’t occur to them to do so. Adding visual reminders in-store or on your website at exit points, can help boost feedback activity without having to contact people individually.

Clean and clear solid line illustrations that may be filled with color to add impact. This set of review icons represents the idea of leaving feedback in a different way. Instead of using the regular stars or thumbs-up style, these illustrations provide a lot more in the way of visual activity. Through the indication of love hearts or the prize ribbon, you can give them an opportunity to show a more emotional type of review than the regular stars or thumbs-up symbols on your websites and apps.

Customer Review Icons

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