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Current Free Display Typeface

Current Typeface

Current times demand modern approaches, and what’s a better choice than this brand new Current typeface created by Matt Pendrill? A big bold sans serif font, as unique as your amazing work. With its outstanding designs, it’ll be a great addition to your collection. All of the characters- letters (uppercase, lowercase), numbers, symbols, and glyphs- come with a unique style that can be easily used in Adobe Illustrator. You can use it in any project where you want your typography to leave a print such as ads, posters, headlines, websites, and web pages; the list goes on and on.

We’d love for you to be a part of our Unblast family, not just by downloading our free resources, but also by sharing with us as well as others your creative fonts, templates, icons, mockups, effects, and many others.

Current Typeface Current Typeface Current Typeface Current Typeface

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