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Contact Us Vector Illustration Part 02 (AI)

Contact Us Vector Illustration Part 02

Contact us pages: Everyone has them, and everybody needs them. But more often than not, we witness one of the most valuable pages on most websites being treated as an afterthought.

Contact us pages are often the go-to for a new visitor on a mission. It’s where they go when they have a question and truly want to speak to an individual at your organization. The goal of every contact us page is to convert by clearly and effectively presenting the method(s) of getting in touch with a company as quickly as possible.

This bright and beautiful vector illustration is the go-to resource for you if you are convinced to create a Contact Us page that serves the purpose and delights the users at the same time. The illustration features a human representative from a company helping a customer with their queries, while also bringing into picture the various ways a customer in distress or confusion can reach out to the business, such as via mail, chat and messages on the web portal. The illustration makes great use of vibrant colors such as yellow, red, blue and green to highlight the different important aspects of it, while more subdued hues such as gray, black and white form a fitting background to impart the perfect contrast and make the essentials stand out.

Easily editable in Adobe Illustrator, the illustration can be used for beautifying the Contact Us page of your website and mobile app, as well as to create a great visual design for promotional prints and assets.

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