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Computer Hardware Icons (AI)

Computer Hardware Icons

Although there are so many gadgets and gizmos that make our computers run faster, for many of us it is a minefield of unknown quantity. Whether we know what it does or we don’t have a clue, we all understand how important it is to have good computer hardware. If the manufacturer tells us that this new component is better than the previous versions of it, for many of us it would be safer to go with the new recommendations rather than have a computer that is obsolete due to older parts that cannot operate at full potential.

Icon set of a combination of computer hardware products that you may find inside a computer case and items that we use daily with our devices. These illustrations are clearly identifiable with symbolic imagery of things we are familiar with in relation to our basic understanding of computer hardware. This downloadable set of computer items are created in solid line vector quality and may be enlarged or reduced without loss of clarity.

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