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Chronos Serif Font

Chronos Serif Font

Serifs are that tiny flat stroke at the end of the vertical/horizontal like of each letter. Fonts with serif are considered to be less modern and more preferred on screen. Serifs have been historically popular, but people nowadays prefer san serif fonts over them. However serif fonts are more decorative and will never be outdated. Today, we present you this beautiful Chronos Serif font. It’s an elegant display serif with three variants. It’s perfect for title displays and magazine cover design.

This Chronos serif font will look classy in a gold metallic color on wedding invitation cards or any other event. Its detailed curves will uplift your high end project and surpass your client’s expectations. Also the curve beautifully contrast with the tin serif which adds a magical touch to the font. Thanks to Mathieu Desjardins for always sharing beautiful typefaces.

Chronos Serif FontChronos Serif Font Chronos Serif Font Chronos Serif Font Chronos Serif Font Chronos Serif Font

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