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Chivo Sans Serif Font

Chivo Sans Serif Font

A key part of having any kind of your designs look exceptional and professional, is using an appealing font. Fonts, like colors, reflect personalities, and choosing the right font will assist in expressing your project’s character and purpose.

The font we hereby bring to you for free download is titled Chivo, which means goat in Spanish. It is designed by Héctor Gatti for Omnibus-Type as a font of the neo-grotesque sans serif typeface family. It’s an elegant solid font that is easy to read and hence works perfectly in textbooks, titles, banner designs, flyers, brochures, and all sorts of printed and digital projects. It comes with 7 weight variants, plus matching italics.

Chivo Sans Serif Font 2

Chivo Sans Serif Font 3

Chivo Sans Serif Font 4

Chivo Sans Serif Font 5

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