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Candy in Jar 3D Model

Candy in Jar 3D Model

Trick or treat!! There are some particular times when we all abandon our candy-guilt and consume them with pure childlike enjoyment. Everyone loves them, except if you had strict dentists as parents (sorry young willy Wonka), then your sweet tooth would surely be missing.

As your M&Ms melt in your mouth, here is a free candy in jar 3D model for designers. It features a realistic scene of candies in very clear and highly photorealistic jars and shovel to use in 3d visualization of personal and commercial projects. Vladimir Radetzki is very generous with this resource as you can use the jars on their own as well. Get them in FBX, Max, and Obj formats to use for candy store renderings, 3d prints for ads, animations, and more. Download for your personal and commercial use, and get the materials and textures in place.

Candy in Jar 3D Model 2

Candy in Jar 3D Model 3

Candy in Jar 3D Model 4

Candy in Jar 3D Model 5

Free Download free download Category 3D Models Software / Format 3d Posted : 26 May, 2020 1,515 Views