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Calingham Script Font

Calingham Script Font

You’d be surprised to see the effect a font holds on a project or a brand identity. Look at the logos of Coca-Cola, Virgin Megastores, Samsung, and Star Wars. The way these words are written holds part of their glory, which renders them easily identifiable and reflects their identity. And it’s about time your logos were introduced to this kind of treatment with this vintage font from Dier Studio.

The Calingham font with its swift curves carries brush designs that hold an exciting texture which allows it to present that classic look that we all appreciate, especially with the uppercase letters. It comes in TTF format with 7 stylistic sets and 35 ligatures so you can have access to all the options you need for your branding and packaging projects, posters, flyers, business cards, banners, online posts, stationery designs, logos, labels, t-shirt designs, helmets, notebook covers, etc.

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