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Browsing Apartments Website Template (Sketch)

Browsing Apartments Website Template

Finding the ideal rental apartment in any modern-day metropolis is not unlike falling in love. But it may be a good deal rarer. As essential as it is to find a place to rent when you’re moving to a new city – alone, or with your friends and family. Whether it’s your first experience or you’ve gone through this before, finding your dream apartment that suits both your budget and lifestyle is not an easy task. Lately, a lot of digital platforms have emerged that make it easier and more convenient for renters to go through apartments listed as rental properties, compare and choose one that they like the most.

Today, we bring to you a beautiful UI kit which explores and realizes this very concept of digital browsing of rental apartments. Designed by Ales Nesetril, the visuals have been designed in Sketch, while the animation has been done in Adobe After Effects, the source files to both of which have been listed for your convenience. The interiors of the apartments have been designed using Magicavoxel, which gives it a beautiful, animated 3D look template that really adds a whole lot of personality to the website design. With all the components and fonts neatly arranged and named in the Sketch file, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a portal that is as functional as it is beautiful, and help thousands of people find their dream home!

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