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Browse Photos & Profile App Screen UI Template (Sketch)

Photos & Profile App Screen UI Template

Various social networks have become a real must-have of our daily lives. These resources entertain us, they help us find business partners or make new friends, and so on and so forth. To add to that, popular networking platforms are able to bring a huge deal of money to their owners, which is the reason why so many new businesses are popping up in the present day, with new ideas and visions of how they could help you connect to your loved ones as well as new people in a better way.

If you’ve also found some inspiration on Instagram and are looking to create a similar platform that lets people post pictures and maintain beautiful albums, you’re in for a treat! This UI kit consists of minimalistic, edgy screens for browse and profile pages for your mobile application, which have all been designed in Principle.

Designed by Ales Nesetril, the source Sketch template file contains well-designed, stylish screens with all the features that you need to create a robust, beautiful, and truly astonishing social media platform to allow people to share pictures, engage with other users and discover new profiles. While the animation is not a part of the source file provided, the UI kit goes a long way in ensuring you don’t spend hours sweating over the perfect design!

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