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Brela Serif Typeface

Brela Serif Typeface

Simplicity, in a modern age that overwhelms, should be celebrated rather than ignored, and its beauty recognized rather than marginalized. And to celebrate it in our own way, we add the Brela typeface to Unblast.

Brela is a font specially designed for editorial projects. Thanks to its x-height, it’s legible even in small texts so it can be used for printed designs including branding and packaging projects, websites, applications, and other personal and commercial designs. The serifs of this typeface are visible yet reserved, allowing the content to shine over the design. Brela is offered for free to all users with its full set of features including the uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuations, not to mention the set of multi-lingual characters that broadens its usage. This font, designed by Makarska Estudio, is provided in OTF format.

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