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BLKND Free Display Font

BLKND Display Font

BLKND. With no vowels in sight, what’s the first word that comes to mind when you read it? Is it blackened or blinked? Or neither? The name of this new font remains a mystery to discover, but once you install it, its original character designs will be at your disposal, allowing you to share dashing headlines and titles with every usage.

This is BLKND, a free font inspired by Letraset, eccentric designs, brutalist architecture, and designed by Rafael Nascimento. And because variety is key for creativity, this font features 2 styles, a slab serif and a sans serif, bringing you 2 incredibly different yet equally engaging styles with block-like characters and thick bold letters and numbers. BLKND was created with grand designs in mind, that’s why you can use it for big display purposes that include album covers, posters, magazines, advertisements, and vintage themed artwork and photographs.

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