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Bison Font Family

Bison Font Family

Fonts are worth a thousand words. Who ever knew typography is that powerful? A designer can communicate his message simply by using a bold heavy font or a light one, depending on what he’s going for. Capital letters make a difference too. When writing, using all capital letters imply you’re shouting, or you want to grab people’s attention; for example: what is more eye grabbing, an all caps bold title or a regular one? So the way you choose your font weight and size says a lot about your message. Today’s freebie is “Bison” font family. It’s a multi-purpose font that you could use in any project! You can use it for your creative poster design, banners or billboard design, book cover design, title display, and the list goes on… Bison is available in 6 different weights which makes it even more fun to work with. This special modern font looks great in dark colors especially black, you can use it for your sport magazine titles and layout. This typeface includes 12 fonts and is available for personal use only in Ai, Id and PS format.

Thanks to Tom Anders Watkins and Ellen Luff for sharing this beautiful typeface. Check out their portfolio for more useful design resources.

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