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Big Sur Free UI Kit (Sketch, Figma)

Big Sur UI Kit

The future holds a lot of potential, especially in the world of electronics that keeps moving forward. So what’s the next big step for Apple Inc., the multinational company that continuously develops some of the most fascinating and technologically advanced devices out there? Well, if you’re not up to date with the news, it’s the macOS 11 Big Sur, the next-generation macOS operating system which will be released in the fall. So for those who are anticipating the release and would like to prepare for what awaits, we’d like to share the macOS 11 Big Sur UI Kit, a Sketch and Figma desktop UI library from LS Graphics.

The new operating system features a major user interface redesign and designers need to be familiar with the changes, taking them into account for their next project. The web has endless options to offer and you’re free to share as many as you like with this kit prepared for your websites and desktop applications which you can build and share according to the fresh and familiar look of the original system, keeping in mind that the resource includes an organized structure of elements and styles and auto layout.

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